Taking your HGV test in a Automatic Lorry?

Did You Know?


You may be able to take your HGV driving test in one of our lorries that has an automatic gearbox but still receive a manual HGV licence.


This little known fact means that as long as you hold a full manual car driving licence you do not need to take the HGV driving test in a manual lorry, for this reason we offer our HGV training in a lorry with automatic transmission.

This obviously makes the driving test much easier as you can concentrate more on checking mirrors, planning ahead, steering and all the other factors that are required to successfully pass the HGV driving test – without needing to worry about clutch control and complicated range change or splitter manual gearboxes.

To get any more information or book a training course just contact us.

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  1. This is such a great idea! The thought of doing my test in a truck with god-knows-how-many gears has been putting me off doing it for a while now. I will definitely be getting this booked up. Can you help me pass the theory test too?

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